Strategic Consultancy

Brand & Sales Driven Strategy is our aim in respect with the Biotic Laws of Growth. 

A group behind a brand must have 1 goal. One will come to one strategy; but in respect with the Biotic Laws of Growth the global strategy cannot be a “frozen” vision. 

It is our conviction supported by experience that one strategy is important in which multiple local related strategies must have their place on the board. These “sub” strategies serve the one and global strategy and enable local territory and/or product related barriers to over win. 

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Senior Management
  • Strengthening internal sales & marketing skills 

  • Attracting innovative, sustainable and stable OTC products 

  • Preparation and execution of new OTC product launches 

  • Improving sales results of existing OTC products 

  • Creating new business 

  • Creating partnerships

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senior management

Solarfarma & partners distribute pharmaceutical products worldwide.

Looking for a distributor for your pharmaceutical products in Africa ? 

Or you look to become a distributor in EU, UK & SEA regions?

We distribute pharmaceutical products with our partners.

Our partners are local or multi regional pharmaceutical wholesalers, warehouses & logistic services, field sales experts and local pharmaceutical associations.

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