Solarfarma manages pharmaceutical brands & private label products in Europe, Middle East & South East Asia. We are embedded in the clients Business Development division and offer strategic consultancy, route-to-market solution up to business implementation and sales & marketing management.

Consulting services

  • Strengthening internal sales & marketing skills 

  • Attracting innovative, sustainable and stable OTC products 

  • Preparation and execution of new OTC product launches 

  • Improving sales results of existing OTC products 

  • Creating new business 

  • Creating partnerships

We achieve our mission in an open and direct communication;

bring innovative strategies and healthcare products to markets and

achieve brand and/or product value for our clients.

Long term

  • Increasing organic growth

  • Creating and building brand value

  • Using proven technologies

  • Expanding into new areas



  • Identifying and managing problems and challenges

  • Permanent analysis of the sales & marketing processes

  • Permanent management of the sales & marketing budgets

  • Securing and retaining the cash flow

  • Tracking the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors

  • Identifying new partners and new manufacturers

  • Making effective and anticipatory plans for unforeseen circumstances

Head Office

1 Ceresstraat

4811 CA Breda


Business Office Belgium

T:  +32 477 288 280



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