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PERIO·AID® is the product range indicated to fight and control oral biofilm (dental plaque). To do so, each of its products has a specific formula that combines a different concentration of Chlorhexidine with either Cetylpyridinium chloride or Hyaluronic acid to guarantee highly effective care and maintenance of gum health.

  • Mouthwash 500ml

  • Mouthwash 150ml

  • Toothpaste 75ml

  • Mouth Spray 50ml


Reducing the viral load in the mouth could help reduce the severity of
certain infectious diseases and the risk of transmission to healthy people.6


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It is important to maintain proper oral hygiene habits on a daily basis.
At certain times, like the present, or during the winter, when
there are more colds and flu, it is important to protect ourselves
more than ever against certain types of viruses and bacteria.

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