With oral care professionals

We share the same passion

Professionals play a key role in our intention to continue to innovate constantly, as they help us to discover the true needs of patients.


Therefore, we value our relationship with them every day and we seek to continue consolidating it through educational content: didactic tools, congresses, symposia and courses for specialists. Because together, we will bring Oral Health to the all people.

Professional training is offered throughout the year with presentations at international conferences and events. An interesting way to create a meeting point for the different professionals of the sector, and thus, share their knowledge.


AULA DENTAID is a continued training plan that, through numerous courses, seminars and conferences, allows for the improvement of professional practice in the dental clinic and in the pharmacy.

Its long educational trajectory makes it an initiative of reference among sector professionals in Spain, Germany, Italy and countries in Latin America:

It is  SOLARFARMA's commitment to build and value this professional relationship with the oral care professionals and future oral professionals in South Africa and beyond.

Dentaid International Exhibition Presence


The world’s leading periodontology convention.


International fair that prompts meeting between Oral Health professionals, dental laboratories and the dental industry and that promotes research and development.


Scientific meeting that is held every three years, gathering top clinicians and scientists from the area of periodontology from Central and South America and Spain.


The scientific event with the greatest number of hygienists ever to be held Spain. An event that gathers highly reputable speakers and presents the latest scientific advances in the treatment of pathologies, syndromes and situations most commonly seen in the dental clinic. An incredible educational contribution that is highly regarded by the professionals attending.


EuroPerio10 congress, which was due to take place in June 2021. The event will now be held in Copenhagen in Spring/Summer 2022.


The dental future here in Cologne from 22-25 September 2021 .


Spain 15, 16, 22 & 23 October 2021


How oral hygienists and dentist work as a team can improve people's health.