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DENTAID offers a wide range of solutions specifically adapted to peoples’ needs. An extensive product catalogue that consolidates and reaffirms our position as experts in Oral Health. So, our brands cover everything from the most basic oral needs to the most demanding ones. Our main sub brands for South Africa:


Oral health and General health
Importance of the oral cavity

Oral health and General health

The mouth is not an isolated system, and therefore Oral health and General health are closely associated.

  • In many cases, the mouth is the first place systemic diseases are detected.1

  • Diseases of the oral cavity may have repercussions on general health and vice versa (relationship between periodontitis and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.) 2-4

Importance and role of the oral cavity against infections


  • The oral cavity is a gate of entry for different microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and fungi) that can cause oral and systemic diseases.5 It is also a mode of transmission, specifically through the saliva and or the droplets that we expel when coughing, sneezing, talking or exhaling.

  • There are numerous viruses that are spread through the oral cavity: SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus responsible for the 2020 pandemic). Influenza (which causes the flu), Herpes simplex virus, Papilloma virus, etc. 6-10

Tand Hulpmiddelen in Zak

With professionals

We share the same passion

Professionals play a key role in our intention to continue to innovate constantly, as they help us to discover the true needs of patients. Therefore, we pamper our relationship with them every day and we seek to continue consolidating it through educational content: didactic tools, congresses, symposia and courses for specialists. Because together, we will bring Oral Health to the all people.

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