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Frequency and severity of diary-based symptoms in study participants with upper respiratory infections


There are in vitro and in vivo studies that show CPC's virucidal and preventive activity against some viruses, including some strains of coronavirus6,7,8.

  • Highly safe antiseptic Daily use

  • Substantivity of 3 to 5 hours

  • Antiplaque

  • Broad spectrum of action:

  1. Different types of bacteria

  2. Fungi

  3. Some viruses

Popkin et al. 20176

In vitro and in vivo study on Influenza virus (virus with lipid envelope like coronavirus)


Mechanism of action: CPC alters the lipid membrane of viruses with a lipid envelope through phisicochemical interactions, causing their rupture, and therefore, inactivation of the virus.

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) demonstrating CPC disrupts the integrity of the viral envelope and morphology of influenza virus



CPC effectively inactivates viruses with a lipid envelope6

Group A: Control (Untreated influenza virus)

Group B and C: Influenza virus treated with 0,0050% CPC for 5 minutes.


  • Viral particles exposed to CPC demonstrate disrupted envelope or cavitation (arrows)of viral units.

  • The presence of negative stain inside the virions indicates membrane permeabilization.

  • The scale bar is in the lower left corner at 100 nm (A) or 50 nm (B, C).

  • We quantified the number of intact and disrupted viruses after treatment:


Group A: 4,5% of viruses were disrupted

Group B and C: 86% of the viruses were disrupted A B C


Mukherjee et al. 2017

Clinical trial conducted with 94 healthy volunteers and its aim was to determine if the use of CPC applied orally
could prevent infections in the upper respiratory tract
caused by influenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus, human
metapneumovirus, rhinovirus and adenovirus.


El CPC effectively prevents infections in the upper respiratory tract caused by viruses with a lipid envelope.


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  • There are in vitro and in vivo studies that show CPC's activity against some viruses, including strains of coronavirus6,7,8.

  • Mechanism: CPC alters the lipid membrane of the virus, causing it to rupture, and therefore become inactivated.

  • Consequence: CPC could have a preventive effect against infection by viruses similar to coronavirus and may help to reduce viral load in carriers of the virus.