18 years combined expertise in business development, business strategies and route to market experience in various markets over various products are offered to our clients. 

In 2006 we enter the pharmaceutical market and it became our most important business channel.
Our pharma-partners are manufacturers, exclusive brand and/or product licensees, private label partners & manufacturers, drugstores and/or pharmacy chains, wholesalers and local sales and/or dental partners. 

We achieve our mission in an open and direct communication; bring innovative strategies and healthcare products to markets and achieve brand and/or product value for our clients. We use all skills and experience for the African markets.

Our Mission

It is our ambition to be the best, most effective and sustainable partner to our pharmaceutical partners.

Our Vision

Brand & Sales Driven Strategy is our aim in respect with the Biotic Laws of Growth. 

We strive to unlock the growth potential of your product by adopting the 3 biotic laws of growth 


  • Everything grows according to its own DNA 

  • Everything needs to be nurtured 

  • Everything grows within an environment influencing growth

Discover the biotic growth principles to govern your brand growth. We consider these principles as simple and fundamental. Our business insights and intelligence are at your disposal. 


Expertise, Passion, Integrity, People, Innovation, Leadership 

The water flow of the river follows his way though its ground situation;in the same way your army must adapt itself to its battlefield as to its enemies.

A victorious army is one that is able to adapt to conquer. 


Sun Tzu



The species that survive are not the strongest ones, nor the most intelligent ones but the ones which can adapt the best at changes. 



Head Office Netherlands

1 Ceresstraat

4811 CA Breda


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Office Belgium


8301 Knokke


T:  +32 477 288 280



Office South Africa

10 Faganstreet, Somerset West

Western Cape 7130

South Africa

T:  +27 727377353



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